Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at http://drupalcampla.com.

DrupalCamp LA is a free event and entirely volunteer run (and no, this is not our day job); we expect active participation from everyone when it comes to running the conference. This is as simple as picking up after yourself or actively fixing something if you see it's broken, but please feel welcome to take an active role in making this a great event.

We need your help during the camp. Please consider signing up for one of these volunteer sessions. Go to the "Information Desk" for signing up, and instructions. More info will be posted, and made available at the Information Desk.

We have special needs for Set Up on Early Saturday morning, and Clean Up Late Sunday night (starting after the last session). If you come early and want to help, then let us know. We will keep you busy.

If you have Audio/Visual (AV) skills, each room needs the Speaker's microphone and projector checked out each morning, and first time speakers may need your assistance. Recording is done with Camtasia Software for audio and screen capture. We want Camtasia installed at least 30 minutes before the speaker's laptop is plugged into the VGA cable.

Here is a brief list of some of the Volunteer Tasks available:

Set Up For Early Arrivers

  • Registration Area - Name Badge Set Up
  • Registration Area - Sign Set Up
  • Registration Area - Message Board Set Up
  • Registration Area - Jobs Wanted/Offered Board Set Up
  • Registration Area - Freebie Table Set Up
  • Audio/Video Operation - Presentation Room A/V Operator
  • Troubleshooting - Technical Assistance in hardware or software


  • Registration Area - Handle sign in sheet and name tags.
  • Room Clean Up - Walk rows picking up lost items and trash.
  • Camtasia Recording Software Installation on Speakers' Laptops
  • Troubleshooting - Technical Assistance in hardware or software

Stay late and Clean Up

  • Registration Area - Clear tables, take down signs
  • Registration Area - Pack boxes & signs, re-arrange tables/chairs
  • Room Clean Up - Walk rows picking up lost items and trash.