You'll never take my VMs alive - 9:00a-12:00p

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Note: this training is part of the camp, but on Friday in a different location on campus. Please see this link for details on how to find MDEA room:

Crifkin Amalgamated will be offering a free 3 hour training on using virtualized work environments for Drupal development.

We'll be cramming things into your brains shaped like:
Vagrant / Virtualbox
Chef / Knife
Drupal / Joomla

Each participant will walk away with a set of tools to quickly provision and configure a working Drupal instance. They will also walk away with tales of tragedy and sorrow and some of our lessons learned in working in virtualized environments.

While not required, our primary experience with this technology is on Mac OS X, so if you don't have something that rhymes with an Apple machine, feel free to come in, but be forewarned that we get a lot dumber in front of a DOS shell.

We'll follow up this morning session with an open work group/mentoring session to help participants bootstrap their local environments, as well as a roundtable forum for discussion with other community members on their best-practices, lessons learned, and witty banter around use of virtualized development environments in solo and team environments.

PS We won't be covering Joomla.

Code and Development
One hour
MDEA (Friday ONLY)


Hopefully someone goes and learns this really well so they can walk me through it later. I won't be able to make it on Friday, but I am really interested in this process.