Stop hacking tpls, take full control of your site layout with Display Suite

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When working with Drupal every once in a while you are in the need of create or modify some tpl/template files in order to manage the layout of your site, customizing how certain fields, components, blocks from other modules, comments are shown.

Display Suite offers you a drag and drop UI that allows you to easily manage the layout of your site in a consistent and centralized way.

This session will show you what Display Suite offers out of the box, but also the some advanced features, how to extend its power by adding custom (block) fields, formatters and layouts.

Questions answered by this session

  • How can I manage my site layout without touching any template file?
  • How can I avoid the div-itis/div-ception using Display Suite + Fences?
  • How can I get the most out of Display Suite?
  • How do Display Suite and Views work together?

Modules mentioned in this presentation

  • Display Suite
  • Views
  • Fences
  • Entity, Entity Reference
  • References Dialog
  • Context
Site Building
One hour
Pacific Ballroom C
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