The Omega Directive: Mobile First at all costs

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at

For many years, the prime directive of site design, at least from the perspective of clients, has been to make sites flashy (not with Flash, you know what I mean), beautiful, unique, and highly stylized.

At long last, enough people are accessing websites through mobile devices to change this trend. Our directive now is to make sites accessible regardless of the device in hand.

Mobile First has become a guiding principal for planning and designing an awesome site.

Omega is not the only base theme that will give site builders a fantastic starting point. In fact, I believe that Omega should be used selectively, in the right circumstances, and that other base themes (such as, in no particular order, Zurb Foundation, Stanford's Open Framework, AdaptiveTheme and Zen) should be looked at, as well.

That said: the Omega base theme is incredibly powerful, and especially useful when building a low-budget site for clients with limited knowledge and time, but a strong desire to be the long-term maintainers of all aspects of their site, including the theme.

This session will cover the following:

  • What does Mobile First really mean in the context of site design?
  • Why or why not Omega?
  • The ease of configuring Omega's regions and other settings in the Drupal UI
  • Omega's stylesheet logic
  • Overrides with Delta, Context, tpl files, etc.
  • Other topics you want to cover!
Design and User Experience
One hour
Pacific Ballroom C