Learning Drupal FAST

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at http://drupalcampla.com.

Drupal has a reputation for having a steep learning curve. How do you grow from N00B to a ninja?

In this session, I'll be talking about tips, tricks, techniques and strategies to help you LEARN DRUPAL FASTER!

The talk is about rapid skill acquisition within the context of a Drupal developer, but the techniques and strategies could apply for anybody. Developers, site builders, PM's, AM's, themers, business folk, come on in!

This session would be great for newbies, but it should be great for ninjas too, that are interested in rapidly adding new stuff to their toolbelt.

My goal is for attendees to leave with some new ideas on how to make that bucket of things that you know you don't know smaller, faster.

Business and Strategy
One hour
Doheny Beach B


Hi Rich. I am a complete newbie using Wordpress to build my personal business websites, but would like to switch to Drupal 8 when it is released. My question is: will your session be applicable for version 8 also? Or, is this strictly and only applicable for the current version 7? Kindly elaborate on the various topics you will be covering?

Hi michaeldg7 -
The talking points on my presentation are applicable across all versions of Drupal - they're not Drupal version-specific. They would even apply to learning new skills outside of Drupal, outside of programming & site building. I'll be talking about the principles around skill acquisition & learning Drupal, but they could also be applied to learning yoga, wind surfing, playing the guitar, etc.


If you have any specific topics of interest for 'rapid skill acquisition', please chime in here, and we can chat on those particular topics at the end of the talk. Theming, custom module development, ctools, Eclipse, etc.